Are There Classic Cars With Modern Technology?

Modernizing classic cars

That classic car with modern technology you’ve been eyeing is known as a “resto-mod” – a combination of restoration and modification. Resto-mods differ from restored classic cars, which are restored solely with original factory or replica parts. A resto-mod, or “modern classic car,” combines the timeless style of a classic car with modern upgrades for comfort, performance, and safety.

When considering updating a classic car with modern technology, it’s important to first determine how you intend to use the car. If you plan to showcase your vehicle at car shows or competitions, it’s crucial to be aware of the rules and restrictions. While some events may restrict visible upgrades, certain safety modifications, such as seat belts, may be allowed as long as they blend in with the car’s design.

If you’re not planning to enter car shows, ensure that any modifications you make to your classic car comply with street-legality and safety standards.

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How do I begin modernizing old cars?

Unless you’re a seasoned pro at auto upgrades, it might be wise to hire a professional to help with the modern upgrades for your classic car. Here are three options to consider:

  1. Trusted mechanics: Discuss your desired upgrades and any restrictions with a trusted mechanic. They can handle safety and performance upgrades, and refer you to other specialists if needed.
  2. Customizers: Customizers focus on accessories, appearance, and comfort items. They can help you make your classic car stand out on the road.
  3. Resto-mod companies: The most costly option, resto-mod companies source and work on classic cars, performing extensive upgrades while preserving their classic appearance. They can assist with finding the car you want, restoring it, and adding modern components.

What are some common classic car upgrades?

Upgrading your classic car can range from simple safety additions to full engine replacements. Here are some popular options:

  • Tires: Modern tires offer improved safety, longer lifespan, and increased fuel efficiency.
  • Brakes: Upgrade from old-school drum brakes to disc brakes with dual master cylinders for better performance and safety.
  • Lights: Incorporate modern turn signal lights and halogen or LED headlights while maintaining a classic design.
  • Backup camera: Small, wireless backup cameras can be easily installed and removed, making them convenient for car shows.
  • Steering: Electric power steering units provide assistance without the complexity of a hydraulic system.
  • Seat belts: A must-have safety upgrade. Depending on your car, you might even be able to install creative harness systems.
  • Audio: Bluetooth-enabled car radios with a classic appearance are now available, along with replica speaker covers to upgrade your sound system.

How does insurance work for classic cars with modern technology?

Be sure to inform your classic car insurer about any modern upgrades, as they may impact how your car is classified. Progressive classic car insurance, powered by Hagerty, offers coverage for a range of modified vehicles, including hot rods, resto-mods, and more. Additionally, Hagerty provides optional coverage for spare parts, automotive tools, and automobilia, ensuring comprehensive protection for your modernized classic.

By joining the Hagerty Drivers Club, you’ll gain access to expert technical advice, shop referrals, and parts locators – all valuable resources for building your resto-mod car.

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